T is for Taika-show

T is for Taika-show

I think the art is magical, and the magic lies in the fact that art can offer you a glimpse into other people’s universe. Taika-show (Taika means Magic in Finnish) is a self-created word Marika was using when we met in Paris. I found the word from my notebook weeks later and it got me thinking. There are no works with a direct link to magic in this exhibition, but to me, taika-show is a kind of metaphor for the whole project, concentrated on the magic of drawing.


Houdini’s Dog, 2019. Private Collection. Not on view.

Image above:

Marika Maijala at the Artists´ house on Harakka island, 2019

Image below:

From the book Kissa katoaa. Etana Editions, 2017

Cover image: Marika’s sketchbook, 2019. Not on view.