S is for Solitude

S is for Solitude

Solitude comes from the Latin word solitudinem, which means “loneliness,” but if you have moments of solitude that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lonely. The word solitude carries the sense that you’re enjoying being alone by choice.

“I have just been living… the life you know. I’ve gone to the events, and met people… but everything is just so damn social. It is hard you know.”

– Marika Maijala in Paris, March 2019

When you are with people your attention is always focused on them. But everybody must have solitude at some point, to be able to get perspective on their life, and to get a feeling of self, of inner quiet. Marika’s wax crayon drawing Solitude is a beautiful reminder of this. In the exhibition, the drawing is placed away from the other works, behind the corner. Solitude is also a chapter in Marika’s experimental video “Artist en résidence”, influenced by silent movies and French New Wave.