J is for Joie

J is for Joie

Often my drawings are jokes only I can understand.’

– Marika Maijala

Playful and hilarious are adjectives related to Marika Maijala’s work, because of its colors and childishness. But if you read the story “Rosie’s Journey”, you’ll understand that it’s all about the search of joy (joie f), as some kind of a goal, yet unreachable. The joy (Joie) is also a chapter in Marika’s experimental video “Artist en résidence” featured in the exhibition.

During the process I’ve found out that both Marika and myself are into humorous play on words. The more I thought about the exhibition concept, the more I wanted it to be thoughtful but playful. I guess you could call this blog a part of the answer. When I let my brother to read this chapter of the blog to get some productive feedback, he chuckled and said: “Quite nice, but where’s the punchline?” I told him that the actual laughter trigger can be found here if wanted.

Marika Maijala: Iso kaveri ja pikku kaveri. Not on view.